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Entry #6

My little princess is here

2012-04-25 19:22:02 by NeckBreak86

She is just a lovly little baby.^^

My little princess is here


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2012-04-25 19:45:32

How fast can she run

NeckBreak86 responds:

normaly she is a chiller tapsing with her little feet around. but if she wants she can run fast like a human!!


2012-04-25 20:02:14

Fucking hedgehogs, how do they work?

(Updated ) NeckBreak86 responds:

?dont know what you mean she work like every other animal! you faggot


2012-04-26 17:33:16

did you hurt by spics ? ?

(Updated ) NeckBreak86 responds:

at the beginning she was very shy(because of that she put her spikes everyway) and yes at that time she hurt me a few times. but now is she very tame.(means she lay her spikes down looks totaly cool^^)